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16th Annual Nokia Star Screen Awards 2010: Award Ceremony

It was a night high on anticipation as the who’s who of the film industry gathered to celebrate excellence in cinema at the Nokia 16th Annual STAR Screen Awards

From the time Shahid Kapoor  was unceremoniously unbundled out from a white Maruti Omni that boldly came onto the stage at the Nokia 16th Annual Star Screen Awards at Mumbai’s MMRDA complex on Saturday evening and began lisping like Charlie from Kaminey, the celebrations had begun. Of a year during which it became cool to say, “Main fa ko fa bolta hoon”.
2009 was a brave year.
Though the formula kicked back and repackaged itself in shiny and seductive ways, the year ended with the story of the impostor who gave the nation its anthem to carry into the New Year: “All is well!” It was the story of the wrong guy with his heart in the right place. Accepting one of his several awards for 3 Idiots, Rajkumar Hirani, who had earlier made the two Munna Bhai films, which gave us the lovable tapori, who could teach the System a thing or two, dedicated it to “those teachers who teach from the heart rather than from the book”. It was the movie in which we all saw, or wanted to see, a bit of ourselves.

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